“A Rogue’s Yarn” An eBook by Russell Drumm

"A Rogue's Yarn" an ebook by Russell Drumm

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John Finch is an aging surfer who dwells undetected in the basement of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. He has a secret obsession and a following of homeless denizens of Kapiolani Park who gather under an ancient banyan tree to hear him lecture on the conspiracy of plant life, the mystery of its spun fibers, and how they are giving us enough rope to hang ourselves. He thinks he was a professor once, a contemporary of Bill Clinton at Oxford. He was at the pub the night the future president did NOT inhale smoke from a smoldering joint of Cannabis sativa. Meanwhile girls keep disappearing from Waikiki. All goes well, relatively speaking, until Finch falls in love with Leilani, a beautiful hula dancer with a few secrets of her own.

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  1. russelldrumm says:

    I have an old friend who has become conspiratorially oriented. He believes we did not land on the moon, the U.S. single-handedly orchestrated World War Two, the attacks of 9/11, the explosion of TWA Flight 800, all the domestic assassinations in the 1960s, and most recently the attack on the Sikh temple in Wisconsin. Those responsible for the black ops and virtual moon landing are part of the universal “they,” usually government people but it sounds like the conspiracy is far broader. For the purpose of this writing I’m not saying he’s wrong. I am saying, like the character Beulah in my book, that, “if you run somthin’ around yo mind enough times, it become da troof.” After all those “far out” Twighlight Zones in which someone slips into an altered state, we now realize the internet has become the wormhole through which one can travel to the universe of choice — build a choir and the preachers will come kind of thing. John Finch, the weird narrator of “A Rogue’s Yarn” lives in an altered state of his own making. He creates a choir from the homeless denizens of Kapiolani Park. The idea for Finch came to me in the person of a homeless man I saw walking slowly along Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki dressed in rags. His eyes seemed to see nothing. It was the possibilities presented by what I imagined could be his internal monologue about his universe and how it has conspired against him — a dialogue in John Finch’s case — that inspired the book.

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